Property & Rates

Ardendales can be rented as the 'Main House" (without the Garden Suite), or, the 'Whole House' (which includes both Main House and the Garden Suite), depending on the size of your family or group.  See details below...


Note:  Free Wifi throughout house; pets only allowed in the garden suite, smoking outside only; required local and sales tax will be added to rental (11.5%) along with the cleaning fee & refundable damage deposit (main house and whole house only), which will be included in a quote.

Dogs are very welcome. Due to the increased cleaning effort, however, $ 10.- per dog will be charged. Thanks for the understanding.


Ardendales Whole House

Five bedrooms, 4 baths, sleeps 12 - 14, dining for 18


By renting the entire house you can accommodate a large family or group in a lovely, comfortable and beautiful house where you will feel right at home.  The Garden Suite can provide more privacy for 2-3 with the separate entrace.  The Main House has a parlor, library/card room, large living room, dining room, pantry and large kitchen.  For photos and more information click on the links for each section above.


Price: $ 395 per night


Ardendales Main House

Four bedrooms, 3 baths, sleeps 9 - 11, dining seats 18


The main house access is the front street entrance and is all of the 1st and 2nd floors.  Parlor, library, living room, dining room, butler's pantry, kitchen,  the 'Charleston' bedroom and bath are all on the 1st floor.  The 'Austin', 'Sage' and 'Sterling' bedrooms and two baths are on the second floor. For photos and more information, click here

Price: $ 325 per night 


Garden Suite

One bedroom, 1 bath, sleeps 2-3, seating/dining area & microwave/fridge


Entering through a separate ground floor entrance, the garden suite is perfect for two or three. With seating, dining, desk, microwave, coffee pot, mini-fridge, TV,  bedroom and bath, it is

500 sf of comfortable living space.

Price: $ 105 - 115 per night   1 p.

Price: $ 115 - 125 per night   2 p.               

Price: $ 130 - 145 per night   3 p.                (incl. 11.5 % tax)

          incl. continental breakfast



One bedroom with King bed, 1 bath, 1st floor


Price: $ 95 - 100 per night 1 p. 

Price: $ 100 - 105 per night 2 p.                    (incl. 11.5 % tax)

          incl. continental breakfast


One bedroom with King bed and one Twin bed or 3 Twin bed

1 bath, 2nd floor


Price: $   90 -   96 per night 1 p. 

Price: $   97 - 103 per night 2 p.                   

Price: $ 106 - 111 per night 3 p.                         (incl. 11.5 % tax)

          incl. continental breakfast

Family room
Sage and Sterling

One bedroom with King bed or 2 Twin bed (Sage)

One bedroom with Queen bed (Sterling)

1 bath, 2nd floor


Price: $ 105 - 110 per night 1 p. 

Price: $ 111 - 116 per night 2 p.                         

Price: $ 121 - 127 per night 3 p.

Price: $ 130 - 135 per night 4 p.                         (incl. 11.5 % tax)

          incl. continental breakfast